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Wraith Productions

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Somnambulist Red


Somnambulist Red creates sonic explorations, cinematic in scope, best described as Nightmaritime soundtracks.
One can hear influence from film soundtrack, 70's prog/psychedelic/krautrock, post-punk and underground metal--among others. The centerpiece of inspiration, however, is the exploration of mystery, mainly derived from the largely uncharted realms of the oceans and REM/paradoxical sleep (thus, Nightmaritime). Designed to be played at maximum volume.

Although unnamed demos date back to 1995, the first recordings bearing the name appeared in 2001. Somnambulist Red has released several limited edition works over the past 13 years, including scoring three surreal short film soundtracks (Dream with a window, The burning light skin and floating viscera and The Silent surgery) and one obscure full-length (Darkness aftermath). Both Dream... and Viscera... have been scored live with the film in their entirety and Somnambulist Red often performs live with accompanying film visuals.
Townsend has been the only constant member, though many significant contributors have been integral to the band over the years. Past/Guest members: Matt Young, Dylan Grigar, Geoff Montgomery, James Rude, John Cheesebrew, Alex Uelk.
Somnambulist Red has recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest where prolific recording has already taken place.

For their first album with Wraith Productions, Drowned in Phosphorescence, Somnambulist Red includes past/present members of labelmates Ptahil, Graves of the Endless Fall and The Orbiters (among many others over the years). The album was recorded by Geoff Montgomery/Tophetarath (Macabre, The Chasm, Fog, Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse, Daisycutter).


Sean Townsend - Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Keys, FX, Loops, Voice
Darrin Dearing - Six String Electric Bass
Jeff Mhaghnuis - Drums, Percussion, Mallet, Gong
Jay Carroll - Bowed Mandolin, Dulcimer