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Wraith Productions

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uncertain was started in 2007 by Florian-Ayala Fauna orginally as an exploration into spectral sounds and the presence of ghosts in audio documents. After these tracks were lost, Florian focused more on shamanic journeying creating the trilogy Glass Fawn, Seahorse (Abyssopalegic), and Æther: Musick for Moths.

After this trilogy was completed, Florian met Felix Keigh and decided to undergo an alchemical process of transformation with gender identity that goes on to this day. They then became annointed with the task of finding unification in a divided world.

The Fox's Funeral cycle, a Kabbalistic tale of the elements and of death and rebirth, was started in 2013, a time of radical change for both members. The final key to the cycle, The Fox's Funeral: A Forest Hymn, is due for release in late 2015.


Florian-Ayala Fauna - producer, instruments, synths, vision, voice, void
Felix Keigh - vocals, incantations, percussion, lunar energy as black jackal