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Wraith Productions

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Underdark was formed in 2000 by Amorth with little activity. In 2003, the name UNDERDARK was finally contrived. In that same year, Eligor joined the band doing guitar and vocals, but later, he left the band because of dissension with Amorth. They recorded a rehearsal demo called "Eternal Raw" and had it released on cassette format through Ravenheart Productions. "The Truth That Lives" also was released on cassette format through Ravenheart Productions and later on the CD was released on Battlelord Productions. In 2005-2006 Amorth recorded the album "I am above all" and released it by Wraith Productions. As of now, Amorth has made his old dream come true by recording a Dark Electro album, Who is your master?, followed by another Black Metal full-length release...Ynomrah.


Amorth Incubus Magnum – All Instruments