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uncertain - The Fox's Blood Moon (for Ian Johnstone) out now

Friday, October 23, 2015 - 00:42

This long-form ambient piece was done as a means of dealing with the grief of seeing a loved one, Ian Johnstone, pass away in the physical realm. Though I know his star shines radiant in the aether, there is still the pain and sorrow. I incorporated sounds of deer and fox’s and old tape loops I made during the time we knew each other. He had a strong connection with deer and foxes, and so did I. One day out of nowhere he gave me one of my sacred gifts: three deer skulls once owned by Geff/Jhonn. Despite the sorrow and mourning, I feel blessed everyday that he ever came into my life and bless it.

This piece was a solo endeavor, being that the grief was very personal. However, I feel a presence through my fiancé of all the inspiring and life changing men in my life, something of a spectral link.

May Holy Living Creatures bless our dear Ian, and Ark Todd, child of the foxes, in the passing from this life to the next, and so on.

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