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Wraith Productions

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Crocodile Denture Adhesive

Release date

August, 2016


Le Scrambled Debutante existed 'in the closet' as far back as 1988. They fizzled out around 1991, but reformed in 2005--and 'came out' to the public in 2008. Since then, they have churned out 20+ releases with many more well on the way. 'Crocodile Denture Adhesive' can currently be seen (or heard, rather) "Magnum Opus". Generally known for their uncompromising, over-the-top sense of humor and uniqueness, 'Crocodile Denture Adhesive' has sublimated the humor to a dry, dark, refined and almost undetectable level. Humor turned dark humor. More unsettling and perhaps even disturbing in comparison to earlier offerings, this album should prove to be an almost instant classic for any fan of Experimental Music.


1. Crocodile Denture Adhesive